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Speak Lord "Hearing God's Voice Through Dreams"

We often hear God speaking through his word, through prophecy, and even in our everyday circumstances. What about dreams? Are they relevant in our time? Are dreams necessary in this generation? God has spoken to me through various dreams that will challenge every angle of your life. God is reaching out to his people because he wants to save, deliver and prosper them. I am just a surrendered vessel He has selected to speak in this hour. I am just a common young Memphis kid that grew up in a rough environment. There is nothing significant about my upbringing that makes me special. There is nothing that stands out or is different about me. Honestly, it really has nothing to do with me. It has everything to do with Jesus Christ. I pray that you will take a moment to allow that contents of this book to speak to you where you are. Lets find out what the Spirit has to say to the church

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Terms and Conditions:  Ebooks are undergoing many methods of optimization and some ebook apps may present text or respond differently based on software. If your native ebook reader doesn't support this ebook please contact and we will work to provide a format that fits your phone/laptop/tablet/ipad specifications. There are no refunds for digital ebooks but we will do our best to ensure that your experience with our product will be satisfying. This book is by no means under hate speech or discrimination of any religion. Ebook and PDF apps are available on your phone provider app store. For a list of ebook programs for your device, please email us at It is prohibited to share ebooks of any kind thats belongs to Roderickus Pickens and if found by any means legal penalties will be filed.  If ebook download does not appear, please contact us and will send to your email.

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