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About Me

Roderickus Pickens was born October 25, 1991 in Memphis, Tennessee. Raised in the normal traditional family with church attendance, he had a blurred vision of salvation and Biblical understanding and began seeking truth.  At a very young age, it was noted that Pickens was a very strange child. He would say things that seemed so far in the distance, but they would come to pass the moment he said they would.


The effect of living in a broken family presented its own set of challenges. He struggled to find his place as a young man, but when he was 18 years old, Rod Pickens was saved as a result of visiting the unlikeliest of places: The Boys and Girls Club. There he was mentored and led into a true saving knowledge of JESUS by one of the workers, Ms Yvette Paschal, who has continued to be a strong CHRISTian influence in his life. Around the same time he began to have encounters [out-of- body experiences] and dreams of meeting JESUS at The Judgment.

As a result of a very lonely and traumatic past, he had an unbelievable thirst for GOD. Rod desired GOD more than he desired to breathe. After serving many years in ministry GOD spoke to him and told him to drop all the titles he had been given by man to become His son. But as soon as he surrendered to that command, devastation hit his life, but obedience began. A few months later, GOD spoke to him and revealed that He ordained him as a prophet to the nations. 

Prophet Rod then came under an apostolic covering under the leadership of Apostle Tina Edwards, where the fear of being obedient was broken. Being trained in the prophetic and taking School of the Prophets courses, his journey as a prophet began. 
Rod Pickens has ministered in revivals, conferences, musical performances, and much more.  After years of ministry, he has become a recognized prophetic voice: a preacher of holiness and a student of the WORD. Rod Pickens is renowned for his prophetic accuracy, humility, and passion. GOD has equipped HIM to see and speak into the spirit realm to confirm, to shift, and to change. In June 2016, Prophet Rod released the video, The Out-of- Body Experience, which went viral. The video has over  40 millions totaling with the restoration of millions of souls. Now in 2021, there has been over 40 million views from all social networks and growing. 

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