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Term and Conditions:

All orders are placed on a first come, first served basis. We are a high volume business and if there should approach a service, that has priority, we will inform the client by email or by phone if there shall be a delay. All orders come with a 2-3 business days return and some cases a longer return depending on the volume of work assigned at that time. You will be notified by phone or by email of the possible turn around time for your assignment at hand. 

We do not offer financial refunds at this time. However, if you are fully unsatisfied with your design, we will extend the option to swap a service thats equivalent to your product's value. There will be a deduction, due to the hours worked, if a swap is your final decision. We can swap flyers for photos, or photos for flyers (there will be a balance based on how many), but T-shirt printing will not be an option. Any service that requires financial funding to exchange will not be an option. Only digital goods will be exchanged. Again we do not offer financial refunds at this time. All logos come with up to 3 revisions, and after 3 revisions there will be a charge to correct or update. All flyers come with up to 3 revisions, and after 3 revisions, there will be a charge to correct or update. If a logo is done and the client is unsatisfied, and we move forward and create a more updated design, the previous design(s) belongs to the company. If the client wants that design also, there will be an associated fee for connected to it. If the logo is taken and used outside of our permission, we will notify client to take it down and dispose of it. If client refuse, we will proceed further through legal actions.

All turn around times will be discussed at the moment the order is taken. If you have not received a turn around time, it is your responsibility to call and give/get clarity. We will not be responsible for any deadlines passed that was not discussed prior to the assignment. We will soon be converting to email and phone recordings in the future to make sure we get clarity on all assignments at hand. If a deadline is missed, based on both parties agreement, we will handle it accordingly. We love our customers and we value their needs and deadlines. Our operating hours are subject to change and sometimes without notice, due to the needs of our customers. 

All orders $125 and under are due up front. All orders above 125$ require a deposit and the rest will be required before recieving the final product. All special rates are due in full including special bundled rates to lock in promotional price. Once the assignment is done then we will proceed to collect the remaining balance. The official design or job will not be released until the fee is paid in full. All deposits are non-refundable. If a job is done and compensation is not collected, you will be notified. If lack of payment still occurs after 48 hours, we will proceed to take it further through legal actions, in which you will be notified. 

It is very important that all information is received at the time of order. We will not be responsible for any information outside of what we discussed. If any info is added after we begin there will be an 25$ inncovenience fee added. We will do our job in documenting all info whether by phone or by email. If you have any issue please email us at

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